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No agent fees or closing costs

With us, you get the cash offer that we make in full during closing! No paying commissions to agents or incurring closing costs as with traditional ways.

No expensive repair costs.

We buy your property in any condition, meaning you don’t need to make any repairs. We assess it to determine its value and then make a fair cash offer.

It is convenient and fast.

We buy houses in Brampton fast, as we close in as few as seven days or per your timeline. We have ready cash, and our purchase process is convenient for the parties involved.

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Cash For Houses Oshawa

We are Oshawa's number one choice

Come rain or shine, we are the top local cash home buyers in Oshawa. If you need to quickly sell your home and need money before this month ends, give us a call because we can help you. We are the #1 guaranteed solution when it comes to eliminating extra costs when you decide to sell your Oshawa home. 

How We Serve Oshawa Home Sellers By Purchasing Their Homes For Cash

You won’t have to deal with a middleman, which means you deal with the buyer directly (that’s us). This going to save you a lot of money and time. We also won’t be charging you any fees or commissions, we cover the fees that a lawyer would have charged you, and we will buy your home in any condition at a reasonable price. The offer that we provide is what you will be paid out. We will buy your home As-Is, and you get to choose the closing date, without having to go through a Real Estate Agent. We are here to help any homeowner in Oshawa that is looking to sell their home fast. 

Reasons Why Oshawa Sellers Should Work With True House Buyers

If your house is in need of repairs or renovations, these costs can add up and become overwhelming. Our professional buying process eliminates the need to conduct any repairs since we buy properties As-Is. This means you won’t have to clean, paint, or conduct any repairs. We can even help you with removing any junk from your property.

We Buy Properties in Any Condition

When you decide to work with True House Buyer, you work directly with the buyer. This does away with having to pay any fees or commissions since we purchase houses with no hidden strings or conditions attached. We also guarantee a closing date that you choose, and we are even here to help you with the next step you need to take. 

When you decide to sell your home it is important that you know that there are other options available to you. 

Contact us for a free assessment that comes with no obligations, there are really no risks to you.

We Are Cash House Buyers That Make The Process Of Selling Your Home Very Easy

When you decide to sell to a reputable private home buying company you deal directly with us. This will save you a lot of money as well as time. The process is incredibly fast and easy. We assess your home (you can also have this done virtually), and then we provide an offer in cash. 

Since there won’t be any middleman to worry about, you won’t be liable for any fees or commissions. We cover the lawyers’ fees and we can even assist you with your moving costs or any of the next steps you have decided to take. We buy homes in any condition and at reasonable prices, without the need to conduct any cleaning, painting, repairs, or renovations. 

The offer that we provide is what you will receive in cash. We will work around your timeline when it comes to choosing the right closing date. You can choose to close within days, or even months when needed. 

Exploring The Community And Real Estate Market In Oshawa

The latest trends in the Oshawa market are currently favoring turn-key, fully-renovated homes. This means that buyers are no longer interested in properties that they have to renovate before moving in, mainly due to material delays, or having to deal with contractors. 

Banks have also become a lot stricter when it comes to lending, and we have noticed an increase in how many homes are now available on the market. This translates into more options and competition for buyers. 

What Should Sellers And Homeowners In Oshawa Know?

Buyers are more interested in move-in-ready, up-to-date, and fully renovated houses. Many first-time buyers or new homeowners are not prepared to conduct any renovations, due to the costs involved, the time and hassle, and the prices of materials. The renovations or repair work that your home might need so that you can sell it can add up fast and become overwhelming.


It's Your

Working with us means trusting us to unburden you, and that is exactly what we do. We are reliable, professional, fair, customer-oriented, flexible to your timeline, and most of all, respectful. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your property.
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