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How To Sell My House AS IS: 5 Tips To Keep Buyers Interested

July 19, 2020
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“How to sell my house as is?” This is definitely a question that gets thrown from time to time. In reality, it is often expected from people to sell their house as is. It is the kind of situation that no could really predict. It just happens, and you have to accept it. But like any other decisions, there are reasons behind it as well. For instance, you have already moved out and, thus, no repairs can be arranged. Or perhaps you do not have the money to perform improvements.

Whatever your reason is, selling a house can be a daunting experience. Fortunately, there are things that you can do in order to overcome the many challenges this situation presents. If you are selling a house that needs repairs, make sure to check out these tips for keeping potential buyers interested, especially when you sell your house as is.

1 Understand What Needs To Be Done

A major portion of the world’s mortgage lenders will tend not to lend money to a buyer if the house has issues concerning its health, safety, and structure. In other words, you have to make sure your property does not have code violations (or even if it has, you should fix them immediately). Otherwise, you could limit the number of interested buyers to only those who are able to pay cash. And, of course, with the latter, you must be prepared for them to bargain the price.

2 Disclosures Are Always Required

Do not just ponder on the question, “How to sell my house as is?” Why? That is because it still means having a complete disclosure, which is what the law requires. This simply means that the buyer should receive a report from a licensed home inspector detailing any existing issues, including the ones that are not immediately visible. When drawing up a sales contract, it is imperative to write the words “as is” in the sales agreement. The buyer, on the other hand, must initial next to those words, so he cannot claim about not knowing that the house is being sold “as is.”

3 Know About the Competition

This is where you really need to make some efforts. Start by touring as many comparable properties as you can. From there, make sure to note all of their amenities and conditions. Basically, whatever good or bad you find about a house, you should note it. You will appreciate the fact that some kitchens are deal breakers, while some home improvements, which you think are needed, do not really matter. If your property fails to provide some important features, you must be ready to set it to a low price.

4 Make A Plan For Low-ball Offers

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that as is house tends to attract contractors and investors. The same thing can be said for first time buyers with little budget. But the thing here is, they can give you low-ball offers. This is, in fact, to be expected when selling a house that needs repairs. Do not take it personally, though. And do not let it cloud your decision making. Your best course of action here is to determine how low you can go and what your counteroffer is. Believe it or not, there are buyers out there who are willing to meet you halfway. You just need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

5 Keep Your House Clean and Neat

Why exactly bother with the cleaning of the house when it has holes and/or faucet leaks? Mind you, cleanliness can always make a difference. If your yard is mowed regularly and the house is ready for viewing, it is not impossible to schedule an appointment with a potential buyer. Your goal is to give buyers a long lasting impression that you are not selling the property because you are not lazy. Keep those beds made all the time and put the dishes away.

If you want to sell your house as is, or you are selling a house that needs repairs, look no further than us. We buy houses now! We can help you with this matter, so do not hesitate to give us a call!

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