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Issues Faced When Selling a Hoarders House

May 11, 2022

Trying to sell a typical house is challenging. And if it’s a hoarder house that you’re putting on the market, you might face nearly impossible chances. After all, who would love a home with piles and piles of random trash, papers, and other items the previous owner has refused to get rid of? Between this and a newly renovated house, buyers will surely find the latter a better choice.

Unfortunately, the physical comparison between a hoarder house and other types of homes for sale is not the only problem you’ll face. If you are seeking to sell a hoarder house in Toronto, there are other stumbling blocks that you will encounter along the way. While it may seem daunting to sell these types of properties, there are still ways to solve these issues and ultimately find a buyer for your hoarder house for sale!

The Hidden Threat of Selling Hoarder Houses

  •         Interior Photos

Did you know that 92% of home buyers are found online? And the only way to lure them to buy your house for sale is by posting photos of your property on the internet. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done when you are dealing with a hoarders house. Since a hoarders house is expected to be filled with piles of junk and items, it can be a serious problem to get that perfect picture for your potential buyers. The choices are, you spend time clearing out the house then take photos, or just focus on the exterior when advertising the property. Unfortunately, neither of these two will get you that home buyer you’re looking for.  

  •         Open House Logistics

Open houses and showings are part of selling a house in Toronto. This is an opportunity for homebuyers to visit the house in person and check the details. Unfortunately, this is an inconvenience for hoarder houses for sale because of the clutters and junks piled in every corner of the property. Aside from the eyesore, all this clutter also poses safety concerns. Chances are, potential buyers will step over an unstable portion of the house and cause anxiety, or they’ll focus more on where to step into than check what the property offers.

  •         Outside Comments

When a prospective buyer visits your hoarder house for sale in Toronto, it’s likely that they give outside judgment regarding the property. This is because people get shocked about the state of the house, which is too different from their living conditions. They leave unkind and hurtful comments and poke about the place most of the time.

  •         Lack of Time

When you’re planning to sell a house, you need to spend time cleaning every corner and clearing out the house. Unfortunately, people who live in hoarder houses don’t want to spend more time, money, and effort keeping the house neat. The reasons may include a lack of funds or the need to vacate the place immediately as mandated by the authorities. Sometimes, they are already unable to clean the house and let the clutter as they are.

How to Sell a Hoarder House Fast

If you are dealing with a hoarder house for sale and face these problems mentioned above, the best thing to do is contact a real estate investor. A real estate investor will buy your hoarder house as-is. This means no more further renovations and updates, you’ll be given an offer on the spot. This is especially beneficial when you’re short of money and want to make a fresh start with your finances.

The process of selling a hoarder house to a real estate investor is quite simple. You just need to call them and schedule a quick visit from the investor. After a short walkthrough of the home, the investor will make a cash offer, and if everything turns out well, you’ll walk away with it instantly.

A real estate investor is probably the fastest way to sell a hoarders house. The main risk that you’ll face is probably selling your property to an unethical firm. Fortunately, when you’re looking for a reputable real estate buyer for cash in Toronto, you have True House Buyer just around the corner. We are the trusted hoarders house buyer in the community, and our long list of satisfied clients can testify to that.

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