I’m all praises for Andrii and TrueHouseBuyer. My goal was to sell my house as fast as possible as I really needed the money. I sent them an email on a Thursday morning and got a reply from them by the afternoon. They visited my property and immediately gave me a quote. It was not even a week before we closed the sale, and I got the funds. The team is very reliable and professional. Working with them was a breeze!


My husband and I were about to lose our house because we couldn’t meet the loan payments anymore. We needed to sell it quickly. I remember that your team came over and gave an offer that was more than what I expected it would fetch. The deal was closed seamlessly after two weeks. Thanks so much for making things easy! We really appreciate your help and glad that we came to you for a solution to our problem.


There was so much uncertainty in terms of our finances, and thank god your company was there to help us out of our rut. When you came to buy our house, we were more than thrilled. It solved a lot of our problems and took a major burden off our backs. The cash we received was enough to start a new income source, with a lot still left over to keep our family afloat as we transitioned. Thank you so so much for being there at the right time and situation.


Medical problems put us in the position where we had to sell our unused property fast to pay for hospital bills. It wasn’t a pretty house and had been unoccupied for a long time. We had a real estate agent, but it has been months, and nobody was interested. Then when the emergency came along, selling it became all the more urgent. We’re glad to have found TrueHouseBuyer through a friend’s referral, so we were able to get a good price in cash for the house in a little over a week. That’s quite impressive, considering that that house has been sitting unproductive for nearly a year. Plus, we really like the team. Everyone was so friendly and willing to answer questions, and we had many!


I called TrueHouseBuyer and got an offer from them in less than a day. I didn’t even have to renovate any part of the property, nor did I have to clean stuff out. The process was quick, seamless and satisfactory. I’d definitely recommend them to those who want to sell their homes fast.


Excellent service. They have a cheerful and accommodating team. Nice guys, overall. Andrii gave us a reasonable price for our house from the get-go.


I highly recommend Andrii and his team! They visited our worn-out house, which has been empty for four months and needed lots of repair, and gave us a nice price for it. We didn’t even need to negotiate so much. They worked fast, professionally and without any hitches. All the paperwork was smooth, too.


I sold our house for a price that we were happy with and without even dealing with anybody else or any paperwork. I didn’t have the time to deal with the nitty-gritty, so I was glad that Andreii took care of everything to start to finish. All I did was call them up, show them the house, and a week later, I got the money in my hands. I’m honestly quite amazed at how quickly things were processed. Awesome work!


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