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Barrie Cash House Buyer

No agent fees or closing costs

With us, you get the cash offer that we make in full during closing! No paying commissions to agents or incurring closing costs as with traditional ways.

No expensive repair costs.

We buy your property in any condition, meaning you don’t need to make any repairs. We assess it to determine its value and then make a fair cash offer.

It is convenient and fast.

We buy houses in Toronto fast, as we close in as few as seven days or per your timeline. We have ready cash, and our purchase process is convenient for the parties involved.

Barrie Cash House Buyer

Sell Your House For Cash In Barrie

Have a House  and Need To Sell It Fast?

Do you have a house Barrie that you want to sell and want it sold fast? We are ready to buy homes located anywhere in the area and other parts of Ontario! It doesn’t matter why you’re selling and what condition your property is in. We will give you a fair, all-cash offer for your home as-is, and we can close the deal in just several days!

How We Buy Houses in Barrie

Selling one’s house is a major step in one’s life. This should not come at the cost of one’s dignity at the hands of real-estate agents, banks, and whatever other agencies get involved in what should be a straightforward transaction. We at True House Buyers, based out of Toronto, serving Barrie & GTA, want to buy your house from you in cash, as quickly as possible. We want to turn this into a win-win transaction that benefits everyone involved,

What’s more is that we want to buy your house as-is, no need for expensive repairs, upgrades, staging, and tying your entire schedule around an agent’s call. You don’t need any of that when dealing with us, just give us a call and we will buy your home directly, you don’t even need to clean up.

We at True House Buyers want to buy your house and take the entire thing out of your hands just as soon as possible, we want to put cash directly into your pocket. It is because we deal in cash, you know you won’t need to worry about any last-minute cancellations or changes of mind.

We Buy Properties in Any Condition

Property values are determined through many factors, especially in Barrie. Like how close you are to Johnson’s beach, a park, or Georgian college. However, real-estate agents also put a price on how well the house is kept, how great it looks, if everything looks brand new, and if everything is in perfect working condition. We dispense with all that and focus on the one single factor that matters most to us; is your house for sale? If yes, then we are interested in buying it.

We don’t need to get fourth and fifth parties involved in the sale, our only focus is on how soon we can get you your money and get you on your way to your next stage in life. We transact quickly and we do with fairness and dignity. We deal in cash because that eliminates any dependency on third-party payment processes to come through, nor are you exposed to any risk of last-minute cancellation.

We want to buy your property “as-is”. When dealing with True House Buyers, you won’ have to worry about handling costly repairs, upgrades, or staging that would be a typical process associated with being a home seller in Toronto. Keeping your home “show ready” for the entire sales process means you have to temporarily relocate until the sale comes through. You also have to be on constant standby for your agent to call you with updates. When dealing with us, we’re buying your house as-is, that way your only next move will be figuring out where to go once you’ve sold us your house, at no additional cost, as we can make a transaction is as little as 7 days and have you on your way to your next stage in life. If you own a house in other areas such as Toronto, Ajax, Mississauga, or Markham, True House Buyer will purchase it for cash.

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Working with us means trusting us to unburden you, and that is exactly what we do. We are reliable, professional, fair, customer-oriented, flexible to your timeline, and most of all, respectful. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your property.
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