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If you are considering selling your home in Bradford, we are prepared to make you a competitive cash offer at any time.

Put an end to the anguish caused by your undesired goods. Allow us to make you an offer on your home in Ontario right now, regardless of the state it’s in.

Facing divorce? Moving? Are you now behind on your mortgage payments? Liens? It makes no difference if you live there, if you rent it out, if it’s empty, or if it’s not even habitable in the first place.

We are able to assist owners who have inherited an undesired property, who own a house that is unoccupied, who are behind on payments, who owe liens, who have downsized and are unable to sell… despite the fact that the house requires maintenance that you are unable to afford… and yes, even if the property has been destroyed by a fire or has troublesome tenants in the rental unit.

If you have a property that you want to sell but are having trouble doing so, we would like the opportunity to make you a competitive cash offer on it and to complete the transaction when you are ready.

Please get in touch with us if you decide that the time has come to sell your home in the Bradford, Ontario area. No commissions or other costs will be charged to you at the time of closing, and our team will work with you to determine when the transaction will be finalized. Our method is straightforward, uncomplicated, and free of any kind of pressure or obligation (and we mean it!). Our sole concern is to ensure that everyone comes out ahead.

Are you looking for a house buyer that can pay cash in Bradford, Ontario?

When it comes to selling your home, working with a real estate agent is only one of several potential paths you might follow. There are instances when you just do not have the time to sell your home and wait for potential buyers to come through. It’s possible that your home needs a lot of pricey repairs before a real estate agent would list it. When possible, it is usually in your best interest to deal directly with the investor. If such is the case with your home, we would be very interested in purchasing it!

And after spending so much time organizing, cleaning, and making repairs as you waited for the perfect offer to come in, you now have to wait and wonder if the buyer will be able to acquire financing. That is not the case with us; rather, we are prepared to make you a reasonable cash offer and conduct the closing on a day of yours!

We will make you a competitive all-cash offer on your home if you work with our group here at True House Buyer and fill out the short form below with information about your property. We acquire properties in the condition in which they already exist, regardless of the number of repairs that are required, the presence of troublesome tenants, or any other obstacles. Let us address the problems at hand. The best aspect is that we are willing to be flexible with the closing. We are able to complete the transaction promptly, in as little as seven days, or even in a few months if you want more time.

We buy as-is to spare you the worry and costs of repairs, upgrades, and any unnecessary things that a typical home seller in Bradford gets tied up in. You don’t have to worry about being show ready for the entire sales process. In fact, getting a home show-ready means you have people stopping by at all hours, which means you likely have to stay someplace else while you wait for your house to sell. That is just spending money to make money.

We don’t want you to wait, we want to make it quick. To accomplish that we can conclude a transaction in as few as 7-days and have you on your way to the next stage in life.

Most real estate transactions have contingency clauses allowing buyers to back out at the last minute. These are designed to protect the buyer and the seller’s suffering. However, when we deal exclusively in cash, the entire transaction concludes with you receiving the cash, because when we take an interest in your home, we have no reason to back out.

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    Cash home buyers in Bradford are hard to come by, but we at True House Buyer have you covered. Our model is designed to assist homeowners who are in need of a quick sale of their home (especially homes that require work) by purchasing their home for cash. After that, we will repair the property with the assistance of our local partners, improve the appearance of the surrounding area, and then sell the home as "move-in ready" to a pleased new homeowner.
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