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Our transparent approach in real estate is designed to save your time and money. As a result you will receive better offer in full cash on hands at the closing date as compared to tradition ways of selling real estate.


Home evaluation made easy with the virtual tour. Just guide us through your home using mobile device and we will send you a cash offer in less than 60 minutes. Don't even bother about the appearance of your home we buy houses in any condition.

Local Market Expertise

Our experts are well informed about your local real estate market. That gives you advantage to receive the heightest possible cash offer and close the deal in no time. We always aim to work with your best interests in mind.


Here at True House Buyer, we make it easier for property owners in Toronto to sell their houses.

We unburden you of the many challenges faced when trying to sell your property directly to retail buyers through real estate agents or by yourself. As private home buyers, we can offer a quick and convenient service. We purchase your house AS IT IS. Our team of local cash house buyers in Toronto are just a phone call away.

Whether you’re selling your property due to damage, divorce, relocation, liens, unpaid mortgages, or any other reason, True House Buyer are the most reliable and fast house buyers in Ontario. How our service makes us the better option to sell your house for cash:

  • Our process beats the traditional way as it’s fast and we can close as soon as it’s convenient for you.
  • On average, our customers saves $18,100 on estate agents commissions and closing costs.
  • From the moment you contact us, our home buying expert will communicate every detail of the entire process.
  • We are able to offer over the market price on 95% of houses, which is unbeaten in the industry.
  • Our process has no hidden charges or any surprises waiting to stress you.
Toronto Cash House Buyer

Looking for how much you can
sell your house for cash?

Sell your house for cash to the best all-cash property buyers in Ontario. We disrupt the old method of selling houses in Toronto and the entire Ontario by offering homeowners an easy way of selling their houses. The old method of selling houses is time-consuming, requires money to fix damages, and requires you to pay a commission to your agent. We eliminate all these tedious processes and make it easier to sell your house. With us, you don’t need to fix any damages or pay any commission to anyone. We buy homes for cash with a super easy process for our clients.

We offer the highest all-cash prices for houses in Ontario. Contact us no matter the condition of your house, your situation, or your timeframe, and we’ll help you.

Do You Need To
Sell Your House?

Are you looking to sell your house in Toronto? Have you tried to sell it through the traditional means and failed? Worry no more. Whether your house is in terrible or pristine condition, and you’re looking to sell it, we can buy it! As a leading house buying company in Toronto, we are here to help.
Selling your house through the real estate agents takes time. Private buyers for houses can save you time and money. It also means that a good chunk of your money will go to the real estate agent as commission. When selling your property through real estate agents, you sign a contract that ties you to that agent for a specific term. This means that as long as the contract is still in effect, you cannot sell the house through any other means. This method may take months, and it involves a lot of contracts and paperwork. It also requires you to fix up your property and make it appealing to potential clients.


In short, selling your house through real estate agents is slow, unnecessary money to make repairs, requires you to pay a commission to your agent and has many other burdens. Let us make it easier for you to sell your house! We make an all-cash offer on your house on the same day you contact us. No matter your house’s condition or the reasons you’re selling it, we will offer you an unbeatable price. Our process is fast, smooth, stress-free, and it leaves you with all your money. If you need to sell your house in Toronto or the surrounding neighborhoods in Ontario, contact the best house buyers in Toronto today.

How We
Buy Houses

When you contact us to buy your house, we schedule a virtual evaluation with our experts at a time of your convenience. This evaluation is nonobligatory.
During the virtual evaluation, you give our home buying experts a detailed tour of your house. Our experts check your property’s condition, including any repairs that it may require. Don’t worry about its condition, we purchase it “AS IS,” meaning you won’t be required to fix anything. After the virtual tour, our home buying experts value your house while considering every factor in play, and within 60 minutes, they present you with an all-cash nonobligatory offer. They’ll explain every factor that they considered to arrive at that offer, including your home’s condition and the market analysis of your neighbourhood.


If you accept the cash offer presented by our experts, we arrange for a suitable closing date. We look for a reputable lawyer to be present during the closing and take care of all the details. All you have to do is go through the documents, sign them, and receive your cash as agreed. No hidden costs or surprise charges are included during the closing, as seen in traditional methods. Our process of buying houses in Ontario is straightforward, and it makes it easy for homeowners to sell their houses fast without the stress of making repairs or preparing their home for tours. As house buyers in Ontario we understand the market. Don’t waste precious time and money trying to sell your home through traditional means. Contact Toronto all-cash home buyers and experience a fast and stress-free way of selling your home.

Savings That MatterFind Out How Much
You Could Save

Save Thousands on agent's commission, so you can spend your money on the things that really important for you and your family

3 Easy Steps to
Sell Your House Fast

Book a Virtual Evaluation

Book a Virtual Evaluation

Contact us to schedule a virtual evaluation of your property at a time of your choosing. During the evaluation, our home buying specialists utilize their expertise and value your home depending on several factors, such as your home's overall condition and locality. Through virtual evaluation, we save time and make the process fast.
Receive a Cash Offer in 60 Minutes

Receive a Cash Offer in 60 Minutes

After taking a virtual tour of your property, our experts prepare an all-cash offer. This is based on the condition of your house, and the market analysis of its neighbourhood. They explain how and why they arrived at that number. We always strive to offer you the highest possible price for your house in or around Toronto.
Choose a closing day

Choose a closing day

If you accept the all-cash offer for the house, our experts begin to prepare for the last stage. They prepare the necessary documents and look for a reputable lawyer to be present during the closing date. Our experts keep you updated and tackle any enquires that you may have during the final stage. The closing date is selected by the client to create convenience.

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We wont be claiming to give you the best price for your property if we didn't have satisfied customers over the years. Go ahead and find out what all these happy home sellers have to say about their experience with True House Buyers.

Our Realtor, was super helpful in our home buying process. He was very knowledgeable and never made us feel like our requests were irrational. He listened and allowed us to ask tons of questions. He made the process pleasant!

house buyers ontario

Everlee Meagan

Throughout the entire home buying process, True Home helped us find and secure the house of our dreams. We were able to get an offer in quickly and felt completely heard while looking. We are so happy we used them!

house buyer

Bryan Foster

They were very helpful and able to help me sell my home quickly and easily, hassle-free. Great service with professionals, definitely recommend!

cash house buyer

Kathleen Brewer

This company went above and beyond in helping his client. He took care of every detail and made the process easy. For people needing to sell their home quickly.

gta house buyers

Ritcha Clark

My wife was happy with them. Good, friendly, helpful advice. We didn’t sell in the end, but would use them again in the future.

cash house buyer

Robert Gibson

cash house buyer

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